Rigid Endoscope Light Guide Cables

Medical grade silicone and stainless steel are used during manufacturing. All standard endoscopic light cable models can be autoclaved and machine sterilised.

Every light cable is high temperature xenon compatible, rated to the highest level of thermal resistance and tested to ensure the highest light output possible.

We also provide light cables for surgical headlights and microscopes.

Gulf Cable Yellow for Rigid ScopesCable headlight for Rigid ScopesZeiss cable

Leak Tester/Hand Pumps

Complete with silicone hose and adaptor (Olympus/Pentax/Fujinon and Karl Storz compatible). Designed to detect leaks from the flexible endoscope, and prevent potential damaging fluid invasion in the endoscope. This in turn can prevent the possibility of costly repairs.

Leak Tester Hand Pumps

Disposable Flexible Biopsy Forceps (Standard - no spike)

Using the advanced powder metallurgy technology achieves an excellent performance with high hardness and strong stability. Different handle color for Gastroscopes (blue) and Colonoscopes (red). Flexible and stable structure makes tissue cutting complete.

Flexible Biopsy Forceps